Imagine Cinemas is the perfect getaway for your entertainment needs in Downtown Sudbury. We believe going to a movie theater is all about the experience. Take a break and relax by going for a movie all by yourself or with your family and friends! 


Can you smell the popcorn in the air? Imagine Cinemas boasts of some incredible features other than just great popcorn. Leather recliner seats, ample leg room, lip-smacking snacks, and a wide array of alcoholic beverages. 


We are not done yet. Your entertainment options multiply at the Elm Place with kiddie rides designed specifically for your little ones to have fun and enjoy the thrill of a mini amusement park. Forget the filters and try the coin-operated photo booth for the most authentic and unadulterated pictures. 



Keep yourself updated with our latest offers and visit Imagine Cinemas at Elm Place today. The big screen experience awaits you!