At Elm Place, we take public health seriously. There are many distinct advantages that exist within the facility that serves to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep you and your guests safe.

  • High-frequency cleaning occurs on the property with extra attention to sanitizing all hand touch surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout the property.
  • Many of the common areas are double-wide corridors unique from the standard office environment which provide the ability for two way traffic and highly effective physical
  • Place markers and social distancing signage are installed so as to provide additional guidance to keep persons safe. Security patrols provide additional oversight in this regard as well.
  • Elevators are frequently cleaned and maintained. Escalators provide easy access between the ground and upper levels for fast and effective distanced travel.
  • Because of the multiple entries and elevators and escalators servicing the property, the flow of traffic is greatly expanded so as to allow for a fair disbursement of persons circulating on site.
  • Washrooms are frequently cleaned and modified so as to provide appropriate distance between fixtures. Universal washroom facilities are available with controlled access.
  • The ground floor entrances are controlled access points. staffed by our security team to screen entry for the safety of the public.

Elm Place is a leader in these standards of safety. No other property has the inherent advantages that the property has in terms of scale and size and the attention to detail in operations.