Overcoming economic depressions and two world wars, Greater Sudbury has proved itself to be a historically rich, resilient and the beacon of economic prosperity & diversity. Residing in the heart of Canada, it is the largest city of Northern Ontario, a melting pot of many cultures such as French, Ukrainian, Italian, Finnish and the Ojibwe people. Today, Greater Sudbury is a multicultural city that reflects the arts and culture of its majority Franco Ontarian community with an ever vibrant population

Staying true to the Canadian spirit – “Unity in Diversity”. Urban at the heart, Greater Sudbury has several lakes and suburban communities that surround the city making it a great place for a holiday or just a weekender.

So, if you’ve got your bags packed, here are 10 places that are must visit in Sudbury.

1. The Big Nickel – aka The Bat Coin.

The legendary Bat- Coin is here… nine-meter in height The Big Nickel is the largest coin in the world, move aside Gotham and Bat-Man, the Big Nickel is the real deal, constructed in 1964 it is the replica of the 1952 Canadian nickel that is situated at the Dynamic Earth Science Museum grounds.

The interactive underground tour at the Dynamic Earth is not to be missed, where the nickel mining history of Sudbury comes alive. The tour tells you the story of Greater Sudbury from the 1800s to the present day. This place is extremely popular with the kiddies who learn everything from the how and what of mining, to playing with makeshift coals, doing mini wheelbarrows, climbing walls, spotting minerals, ore’s, diamonds – Aww heck it makes me want to be a kid again!!

So, if you’ve got kids, this is a great place for them and for all those who want to understand Sudbury better.

2. Science North – Science!! It’s alive, it’s alive!!

If you’ve always been afraid of science but loved science fiction…Well then let Science North demystify and electrify you with its best fun version of science ever! A museum dedicated to – you’ve guessed it. SCIENCE, Science North is where science isn’t boring, it’s fun, imaginative and practical. A popular tourist destination in Northern Ontario, it is a place where you can admire and understand our ecosystem, appreciate nature, understand evolution and learn why an apple falling from the tree changed the history of mankind.

At Science North, you can say hello to Mr. Beaver, Porcupine, Skunk and many more. Feast your eyes on flying squirrels and bats! And, the highlights are the spectacular science demonstrations, IMAX 3D visuals, a lifelike digital planetarium, and much such science encounters spread across four floors.

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages. Don’t miss this for the world.

3. Bell Park Walkaway – Trails, Peace and Many Good things.

Find a trail and walk alongside the shores of Ramsey Lake, just before Science North, the Bell park walkways is the most serene destination of all.

Bell Park sits near Ramsey lake at Downtown Sudbury and is home flower gardens, gazebos, playground for children an amazing amphitheater and the most excellent beach!

Here too you will find art that pays homage to Greater Sudbury’s mining legacy. Alongside the rainbow routes, one may never know what they find. Preserving nature and heritage of Sudbury, Bell Park Walkway also hosts many famous cultural spectacles in Sudbury.

4. Onaping Falls – Onaping means Red.

Known for its maple trees that beautifully transition into the red during fall, Onaping falls are located on the banks of the Vermilion River in Northern Ontario. A drive away from Sudbury, it is a place of beauty to visit all year round, especially during the fall season.

Highly recommended for hikes, runs and nature trails, one can get to Onaping falls on foot while capturing breath-taking views of the northern terrain. Great for people of all ages, Good footwear is recommended if Onaping is on the list.

5. Flour Mill Museum – Anderson Farm Museum

Amongst the heritage museums of Sudbury, the Flour Mill Museum is small but rich in history about Greater Sudbury. The Flour Mill Museum also is known in French as Musée du Moulin-à-Fleur was historically located on the Notre-Dame Avenue amongst the then Flour Mill neighborhood of Sudbury. The museum gives insight into the lifestyle of the Franco Ontarian community and hence is dedicated to them and their agricultural heritage.

6. The Inco Superstack – Canada’s tallest chimney

The Inco Superstack is the tallest Chimney in Canada and one of the biggest on earth 1247 feet only second to the GRES-2 Power Station Chimney in Ekibastuz.

Again if it’s Sudbury it’s gotta be nickel, Superstack disbursed sulfur gases out of the world’s biggest nickel factory. Due to environmental impacts, it is no longer in use but is a must to see.

7. Kivi Park – multi-purpose activity park

The ultimate adventure and sports destination in Sudbury, the Kivi Park is a multi-purpose activity park within nature created for sports, trails, and recreation and sight-seeing all year round. The main motto of this park is to foster health and encourage physical activity amongst fellow sudbarians. Created within the Boreal Forest, the magnificent rock of the Cambrian Shield, rivers and lakes make it another perfect destination for all extreme sports lovers and adventure junkies.

Image Courtesy: kivipark.com

Canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, plain old walkabouts or even world famous cross-country king. Think adventure, think Kivi.

8. La Galerie Du Nouvel-Ontario – Local Art

Stop by the Franco-Ontarian youth centre for some contemporary art, established by the artists. Under the care of a few young artists, La Galerie Du Nouvel-Ontario is a lively art gallery that showcases today’s modern art by Greater Sudbury’s artist fraternity.

9. Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Another hike destination in Sudbury just goes to show how serious the community is about conserving their health and environment. So, pack your bags and say goodbye to health complications because a Hike at Lake Laurentian will revive the senses, connect you to the environment like never before revitalizing both mind and body. Considered as the Mecca of trails and hikes Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is 2400 acres of green amongst urbanized Sudbury. Another great place for snowshoeing, biking, cross country skiing and cycling.

Special Mentions:

Also, if you are genuinely interested in tails, hiking, skiing beside Lake Laurentian and Kivi Park mentioned above, Sudbury is also a part of the Trans Canada Trail that goes through Greater Sudbury, 1200 km of world-class snowmobiling trails and Kukagami Lake for ice fishing, lodging or just a day of relaxation with the family. Let’s not forget, the A.Y. Jackson lookout for romantic evenings, picturesque views, quiet walks which is just a dive away, and Sudbury downs for races of all kinds including motorsports.

10. Eating, Shopping, and Entertainment:

Right in the heart of Sudbury is Elm Place, the one-stop-shop for all your leisure, shopping, and entertainment needs. Stop by Radisson for the best breakfast of your life. Next stop to Hart and Northern Reflections. Some Romantic evenings at Pesto’s Italian Eatery and Saloon – a fine dining place and bar or the best movie-watching experience at Imagine Cinema’s with beer that’s right! a movie cinema with a wide range of alcoholic choices.  Are you a die-hard foodie? Entertainment, business, leisure, shopping, or a day at the mall – Elm Place is your one-stop in Downtown Sudbury.

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